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WP Security Geeks is dedicated to providing relentless WordPress Security and Maintenance solutions for WordPress Websites Owners.

WP Security Geeks | Houston, TX
WP Security Geeks | Houston, TX

WP Security Geeks evolved because our core web development company, Geeks Marketing, was experiencing the same website security challenges as our clients.  Where do you go for help when you websites are running slow or being attacked by malware.  How do you get it fixed?    How can you keep this from happening again?   Sure, you can immediately go to your hosting company, but if the malware is recurring, (as most times it is) you need a long term solution.

If you’ve ever had the bad fortune to experience your website shutdown by malware for days, you’ll know how painful and how much it can cost in downtime, your time, and just finding a solution…..and more importantly, a long term solution.

Interestingly, most badware (malware,virus, spam) attacks are successful due to poor maintenance. This isn’t a surprise, because most companies, or their developers, don’t have the tools, knowledge, or TIME to continuously monitor and update the website, to keep it healthy and immune to the latest security hacks.  Hackers are relentless.   They don’t care about who you are, how small you are, or how large you are.   You may not even have a site that they would get information from.   So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, why would they attack my site?

It’s simple.   Most hacking is done by unleashing malware programs to the internet, that relentlessly and continuously attack anything and everything to find security breaches.  When a ‘opening’ is found, the malware begins it mission.   As in the case of SQL injection, you may not even know that it’s on your website.

With our http://wpsecuritygeeks.com/plans-and-pricing/, pricing at less than $2 a day, there is no excuse to allow malicious badware that can damage your website…your investment.    And if it does, we will assist you getting quickly on-line with our daily backups that are stored in several different silos for your protection.

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We offer even more security with our STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL packages.    We implement “Best Practices” and use ‘state of the art’ tools to monitoring and if necessary, cleanup.   We also, monitor, detect and fix spam issues, which can hurt your web reputation.  Our professional  package include monitoring for website performance, including speed tests, optimization and implementation to insure your website is being read, indexed and ranking by the search engines.

WP Security Geeks is dedicated to the Best WordPress Security and Maintenance.  We back our work with our Money Back Guarantee. IF AT ANY TIME you are not satisfied with WP Security Geeks we will gladly refund your money, for the current month. If you have an annual plan, we will gladly refund the prorated portion, minus any offers.